About latex mattresses:

A latex mattress is then often treated to be anti-mite and antibacterial. Not to mention the fact that its users praise its innermost properties, linked to the most intimate sphere.

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The defects:

Of course, there are also defects for the latex mattress. The longer the duration, a latex mattress will have a useful life of about 7/8 years, after which the internal slab will begin to crumble; because the elastic polymers that compose it disintegrate after they lose the ability to return to the original shape.

Latex collection takes place through intensive monoculture plantations; that have a considerable environmental impact on ecosystems; Added to this is the fact that the collection of natural latex is a rather expensive and slow process.

The fact that the latex mattress is hypoallergenic does not mean that it is completely hypoallergenic. Of course for those who suffer from dust allergy there is no problem; which, on the other hand, stands for that very low percentage of the latex allergic population, it is called a percentage that is around 1% of the adult population and 2% of the pediatric population, which is hypersensitive to the engine contained in latex.

In addition to this, the latex mattress lends itself more than polyurethane mattresses to being infested with mold and fungus; even if this risk is still reduced for products that have been subjected to anti-mold treatment.

Moreover, precisely because of its production process, rather long and cumbersome; but above all due to the difficulties linked to the collection of the raw material, the latex mattress is often more expensive than the memory foam mattresses of the same size and the same quality range. For this reason, buying a well-made latex mattress often means having to spend a lot more, if compared to buying a high-quality memory mattress.