Everything you need to know about latex mattresses:

If you are about to change your mattress you will have asked yourself which of the many options on the market is the one that best suits your needs. Among these, you will surely have taken into consideration also the latex mattress that together with the memory foam and the classic springs is one of the most widespread types of mattress.

Let’s look at the features of this material and in which cases it may be the best choice for your nights.

Characteristics of the latex mattress:

The first latex mattress was produced in 1928, thanks to an intuition of John Boyd Dunlop, founder of the tire company of the same name, which saw the potential for new applications in latex elasticity.

One of the main features of latex mattresses is, in fact, the ability to adapt to the shape of the body, guaranteeing greater comfort and more comfortable sleep.

Latex mattresses are also fresher than memory foam solutions and are very breathable, thus ensuring a dry sleep all year round.

Another important aspect is that linked to the antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-mite properties.

Who is the latex mattress recommended for?

Due to the features, we have just listed, latex is the right choice for:

– All those who suffer from allergies and asthma (the only comment is to remember to ventilate the mattress often)

– Who does not have a fixed position during sleep and moves often?

– Couples with different weights and postures.

Those who have problems with blood circulation and the spine, the adaptability of the latex allows the weight to be unloaded and stress to be eliminated.

Types of latex: natural or synthetic?

If you found yourself in any of the previous situations, the latex mattress is probably the right solution for you, but before proceeding with the purchase it is good to know that there are also different types of latex.

The first to mention is certainly 100% natural latex. There are also mixed solutions, which combine natural latex and synthetic latex and Talalay latex, made with a different production process that makes it a little more elastic.

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